Teiva Systems at the ServiceNow Knowledge-23: Summary

On May 14-18, 2023, the most remarkable IT event took place in Las Vegas, Nevada – the ServiceNow Knowledge 2023 Conference. With over 15,000 attendees, Knowledge 2023 brought together ServiceNow customers from all over the world to share their experiences, best practices, and learn more about the Now Platform.

Teiva Systems, a US company with Ukrainian roots, was among the conference sponsors. The team presented several new products and solutions, met with colleagues and partners, and shaped plans for the future. Teiva Systems’ international team is a natural and integral part of the global ServiceNow community.

What ServiceNow Knowledge Conference is

The ServiceNow Knowledge Conference is an annual event held by ServiceNow, a leading cloud-based platform that provides digital workflow solutions for enterprises.

The Knowledge Conference serves as a platform for ServiceNow customers, partners, and industry professionals to come together and explore the latest innovations, best practices, and trends in digital transformation and service management. It helps organizations leverage the full potential of the platform to drive digital transformation and improve business outcomes.

Who Teiva Systems are

Teiva Systems specialists have been developing business applications on the ServiceNow platform since 2007. Our services include but are not limited to:

We are a trusted Premier Partner of ServiceNow, and we can be a trusted partner for you.

Teiva Systems at Knowledge-2023

Our team showcased innovative ServiceNow solutions at the Knowledge Conference, including an AI-powered tool. The cutting-edge technology automated service management, offered predictive analytics, and improved customer experiences. Teiva Systems’ team also presented a prominent methane emission management solution, revolutionizing how organizations monitor and mitigate methane emissions to address environmental concerns effectively. The positive response validated our commitment to staying ahead of industry advancements.

Our feedback

Oleksiy Konakhovych, Teiva Systems CTO & Founder, shares his impressions on #Now-23:


EmissionBox — Methane Emission Management and ESG Solution 

Energy companies face pressure from market and regulators to reduce carbon footprint and meet ESG standards and reporting requirements. EmissionBox is an emission management and ESG action solution that uses unique inexpensive autonomous methane quantification sensors, collects emissions data and presents it on dashboards. 

Customer Value

Aniline — AI-powered Employee Satisfaction Application 

Enterprise human resource management includes the evaluation of employee satisfaction. Aniline, built on ServiceNow, is an HR analytics solution that measures employee perception at scale. Aniline uses AI and natural language processing (NLP) to measure employee sentiment, providing meaningful and actionable employee analytics.

Customer Value

Zero Touch Mobility — ServiceNow App for EMM Platform 

Our client, telecom giant, was looking for some capabilities to automate processes and bring the Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solution on the software platform by building a ServiceNow application.

Customer Value

SmartVerify – the ultimate solution for ServiceNow and Ethereum blockchain

SmartVerify is a ServiceNow platform level component that combines the power of ServiceNow platform and Ethereum blockchain and any L1, L2 Ethereum blockchains. It stores your ServiceNow data, object or event in a blockchain smart contract, utilizing blockchain security, transparency and efficiency. 

Customer Value

Medical Aid Supply – Logistic Solution for Humanitarian Assistance

As the full-scale war started on February 24, 2022, Teiva Systems and ServiceNow teamed up to build custom workflows to improve the demand and delivery management of medical supplies from Germany to Ukraine. Then the on-the-knee solution grew into a full-scale logistic platform.

Customer Value

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