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of enterprises that build their own LLMs will abandon them by 2025

  • Complexity

  • Cost

  • Technical debt


Leaders expect to deliver cost savings in 2024 with GenAI

Companies will increase spending on GenAI in 2024

Execs expect cost savings of

Struggling to identify Gen AI use cases
with the biggest impact?

Are you hesitant to invest in the uncertain outcomes of ServiceNow’s NowAssist?

Are you overwhelmed by features that lack an estimated return on investment (ROI)?

Struggling to find the right business case for the ServiceNow Pro Plus SKU?

Our app allows you to make data-driven decisions by automatically assessing your ServiceNow platform. Our cutting-edge solution pinpoints the highest-value targets and calculates the ROI of a Generative AI investment for your service management and operations – at no cost!

Our Data-driven assessment calculates your AI
business case

Assess ServiceNow process and data metrics

Evaluate where Gen AI can be most impactful

It is Secure. No data leaves your instance

Calculate ROI and provide implementation guidance

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for ServiceNow

There's no catch. The app is free to download and use from the ServiceNow store.

If you find this app useful and you need additional expert support with implementing Gen AI use cases in and beyond ServiceNow, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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What use cases are included?

Our app assesses various uses cases based on actual data in your ServiceNow environment (e.g. incidents, cases and scripts). Important, no data is shared with us or leaves your secure environment.

Gen AI Assessment

ServiceNow Now Assist Use Cases:

  • Summarization

    • Incident Activities

    • Case Activities

    • Work Orders Activities

    • Alert Details

    • Chat History

  • Content generation

    • Resolution notes

    • Knowledge Base Articles

  • Code generation

    • Service Side Scripts

    • Client Scripts

    • Flows

  • Virtual AI Agent

    • User Support

    • Service Provisioning

  • AI Search

    • Knowledge Base

    • HR Guidelines

    • Agent Assistance

    • Self-Service

Advanced Gen AI use cases, Teiva Systems can support you with:

  • Data Extraction

    • Tickets

    • Documents

    • Configurations

  • Quality Control

    • Processes

    • Master Data

    • CMDB

  • Process Assistance

    • Information Tracking

    • Ticket Routing

    • Classification

The solution is complimentary for clients and employees of ServiceNow.

App pre-registration is now available. Reach out to us at to get early access.

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Kostya Bazanov

Co-Founder & Director at Teiva Systems Germany

Kostya has been developing and extending the business footprint of Teiva Systems in the DACH region. Being a trusted advisor and a ServiceNow solution architect since 2012, he offers reliable and quality business and IT solutions, products, and services to our clients.

Alexey Klimenko

Co-Founder & CEO at Teiva Systems USA

Alexey, a tech entrepreneur for 20 years, applies passion for AI, IoT, and automation. Since 2007, a ServiceNow Architect, excelling in Java, .Net, cloud solutions, MDM. Drives innovation, delivering massive value.

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