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Teiva offers DevOps solutions for various types of customers

Startups and Small Businesses:

DevOps is a game-changer for startups and small businesses, enhancing collaboration, speeding up delivery, and boosting efficiency. Statistics show that businesses using DevOps practices experience a 46 times faster software deployment rate, a 440 times quicker lead time from commit to deploy, and a 96% increase in code deployment frequency. With these advantages, DevOps is the path to thriving in a competitive market with limited resources.

Medium to Large Enterprises:

Embracing DevOps practices within medium to large enterprises leads to significant transformations. It drives higher productivity, efficiency, and improved return on investments (ROIs). Collaborating with seasoned DevOps teams acts as a catalyst for this change, resulting in accelerated project delivery, minimized miscommunication, streamlined workflows, and a notable enhancement in the quality of your applications.

Speed up and improve innovation by using a DevOps service provider

Remain at the forefront of competition by leveraging our exceptional DevOps managed services and solutions. Our specialists will automate your cloud infrastructure and organizational workflows, ensuring seamless continuous delivery and integration.

Cloud Solutions:

Choose between AWS or Google Cloud, enabling teams to concentrate on their core services without the complexities of infrastructure management.

Version Control:

GitHub, renowned as the industry's gold standard.


Utilize Terraform Cloud to maintain your entire infrastructure setup impeccably coded, optimized, and fine-tuned.

CI/CD System:

Opt for GitHub Actions or Flux for seamless integration and efficient delivery.

Runtime Environment:

Implement Kubernetes, widely recognized as the industry benchmark.

Dynamic Autoscaling:

Efficiently scale both Kubernetes VMs and the containers operating your application.

DNS Management:

Benefit from automated management using ExternalDNS.

Traffic Management:

Utilize Traefik ingress controller to direct all client service traffic through a single, scalable entry point.

SSL Certification:

Provision SSL certificates automatically.

Secrets Management:

Seamlessly integrate with AWS Secrets Manager, AWS Parameter Store, or Google Cloud Platform Secrets Manager.

Benefits Of DevOps

Teiva Systems offers devops consulting services that deliver your applications faster with DevOps methodologies. Transform the way your team works by bridging the gap between development and operational services through a thorough DevOps infrastructure management. Implement DevOps for better communication & collaboration between teams.

Reduce time to market


Better Security

Higher ROI

Continuous product relize

Enhanced Performance

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Technology and Software industries:

Technology and Software Development:

Speed: DevOps accelerates software development, with a 46x faster deployment rate and a 440x quicker lead time from commit to deploy.

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Finance and Banking:

Risk Mitigation: Early issue identification and resolution via automation result in a 50-70% reduction in operational risks, benefiting the highly risk-sensitive financial industry.

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Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals:

Cost Savings: DevOps leads to up to a 35% reduction in operational costs, allowing healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies to allocate resources more efficiently.

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E-commerce and Retail:

Sales Growth: Organizations using DevOps practices report up to a 60% increase in sales and revenue, demonstrating the impact of efficient software development and delivery.

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Quality Assurance: DevOps practices result in a 40-50% reduction in defects and a 30-35% increase in software quality. This is especially important in telecommunications, where network reliability is paramount.

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Internet of Things:

Innovative Features: IoT businesses adopting DevOps have reported a 50% increase in the speed of introducing innovative features. This rapid innovation keeps IoT companies at the forefront of technological advancements.

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