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With Teiva Systems you can grow your business on ServiceNow. We are experts in building pivotal products that dramatically increase customer value and unlock new revenue streams.

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AI for Business

Leverage Teiva’s expertise in advanced Generative AI and ServiceNow’s dynamic platform for custom solutions that accelerate efficiency and growth. Experience the fusion of innovative AI and operational excellence.

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ServiceNow consultancy

Unlock the power of the ServiceNow platform with our experienced IT consultants. We provide customized solutions that enhance efficiency and improve workflows.

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Management Services

Seamless ServiceNow application management starts here. Our team delivers customized solutions that align with your business goals and keep your operations running smoothly.

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Teiva Academy

Master the ServiceNow platform with our dynamic training programs. Whether you’re an individual ServiceNow specialist or an enterprise looking for the expertise, we’ve got you covered.

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The top challenges faced by companies building products and how we solve them

Complicated Compliance and Security Requirements

ServiceNow takes security very seriously and so should you. Teiva builds products built for your customer’s security and ServiceNow’s compliance requirements, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

The Go-To-Market strategy is not well-defined

Many companies with good products still fail due to a poor go-to-market strategy. Nobody understands the ServiceNow customer base and partner ecosystem as we do! We will ensure your products are successfully built and sold every step of the way.

Slow Idea Validation

Teiva’s team of veterans will quickly validate your solution and highly increase the probability of future success based on past experience.

Mismanaged Product Enhancements and Maintenance

The ServiceNow platform goes through regular updates that require the recertification and updates of apps. Teiva will help ensure that your product will stand the test of time and help make the necessary improvements to keep it up-to-date and ServiceNow certified.

Lack of Technical Expertise

Teiva has successfully completed hundreds of complex projects and has the best team to help navigate the nuances and complexities of the ServiceNow ecosystem.

Limited Time

Teiva acts as a seamless extension of your team, freeing up your resources to focus on what they do best.

Limited Resources

By leveraging Teiva’s expert team to develop your products, projects will be completed more quickly and correctly, leading to overall cost savings.

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Teiva offers tailored solutions for various types
of ServiceNow customers

SaaS Companies

We bring an authentic startup atmosphere and energy to your project organization, even a big corporate business. Ideate, strategize, and iterate with us just like the most successful startups do!

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Create a revenue stream in ServiceNow eco-system with 7400+ corporate customers worldwide, including 80%+ of all Fortune-500 companies and millions of end users.

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MSP – Managed service providers

To make your Product win at the ServiceNow environment you’d really benefit from a partner who has a successful track in enterprise apps for many years and focuses on the ServiceNow platform: Teiva Systems.

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The steps we advocate for building a first-class and effective product

Teiva takes you on a journey of building a highly efficient product on the Now platform with the goal of growing your business.




Our experts with massive app development experience work with you to crystallize your business idea


Idea validation and User research

Idea validation and User research

We gather insights to let creating digital products that resonate with the target audience.


Go-to-market strategy

Go-to-market strategy

We draw a products strategy map with the minimal software development life cycles.


Design, build and certify

Design, build and certify

A way from application design to ServiceNow certification in the shortest possible term


Pre-sales and Sales

Pre-sales and Sales

Support your app release, promotion and sales


Integrate and launch

Integrate and launch

Integrate your ServiceNow app with other applications and systems and make it work

We help clients to achieve success in


Teiva Systems helps automate key business processes and operations in the telecom business to organize flawless service, attract new customers, and maintain a loyal customer base.


Our logistics automation solution helps reduce misdelivered packages, report delays, & provide tracking info. Includes a comprehensive reporting dashboard, providing complete picture of shipping status.

Internet of Things

We provide custom and out-of-the-box enterprise IT infrastructure services, including managed services, IT support, infrastructure management, and specialized services, such as disaster recovery.

IT infrastructure services

We provide custom and out-of-the-box enterprise IT infrastructure services, including managed services, IT support, infrastructure management, and specialized services, such as disaster recovery.


Many businesses leverage ServiceNow’s capabilities to automate production processes. Manufacturing companies benefit from better business intelligence and customer service.


Teiva Systems automates HR operations with auto-onboarding & task management. Powerful AI gives HR insights into employee performance, enabling informed decisions & driving growth.

Why Teiva Systems


Our flexible and scalable methodology ensures that we can quickly identify and mitigate any potential issues, ensuring that our solutions exceed our clients’ expectations. Our adaptive and collaborative approach allows us to work closely with our clients throughout the entire project lifecycle, from the planning stage to the final product.


Co-Founder & Director at Teiva Systems Germany


Our strategic partnerships with top technology providers, combined with our close collaboration with industry experts, help us deliver top-notch solutions to our clients. Through these partnerships, we can ensure that our solutions integrate seamlessly with our partners’ offerings, resulting in a comprehensive and cohesive solution that meets our clients’ needs.


Head of delivery and customer success


Our IT competence is essential for our clients’ success. Our expertise in the latest technologies and trends makes us an invaluable partner for any organization seeking to gain a competitive edge in the market. We take pride in being a trusted partner for our clients, and we are committed to providing them with the best possible services to help them achieve their full potential.


Delivery Manager at Teiva Systems


Our team includes a diverse group of certified ServiceNow experts with a wealth of experience delivering IT solutions to clients across a range of industries. From healthcare to finance, these experts have the expertise to develop customizable solutions. Whether it’s implementing a new solution or providing ongoing support, our team is here to help our clients achieve their goals.

Oleh Protsenko

Delivery & Customer Engagement Manager


This knowledge allows us to anticipate and address any potential challenges during implementation, minimizing the risk of project failures and ensuring successful outcomes. Our expertise allows us to provide exceptional customer support and training. Our clients are fully comfortable and confident in using our solutions and making them an integral part of their operations.


Head of Training Center at Teiva Systems

Teiva has prioritized building a team with the highest level of expertise since the early days of the company. Its goal has been to provide the best service to its clients and to develop valued, reliable solutions for them.

Case Studies on successful product development by Teiva Systems

Climate and Emissions Action Application

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MedUA: Supply Chain for Humanitarian Assistance

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Revolutionizing emergency tickets

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Americas region

Raphael Holdermann

Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer at Teiva Systems USA

Raphael is a client-focused leader known for his big-picture business vision and entrepreneurial acumen, having successfully launched organizations, turned around challenged businesses and rapidly scaled programs for small to large enterprises in the ServiceNow ecosystem.

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Dach region (Germany, Switzerland & Austria)

Kostya Bazanov

Co-Founder & Director at Teiva Systems Germany

Kostya has been developing and extending the business footprint of Teiva Systems in the DACH region. Being a trusted advisor and a ServiceNow solution architect since 2012, he offers reliable and quality business and IT solutions, products, and services to our clients.

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Other countries

Oleksii Konakhovych

Co-Founder & CTO at Teiva Systems

Oleksii working with ServiceNow since 2007 and inspired by the opportunity to build a process design and platform architecture. Oleksii using a years of experience to be a few steps ahead of the challenges. Our customer will have the best result and noticeable improvements in the quality of work.

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