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Take Advantage of Platform-enabled Low-Code and GenAI solutions for your service and operations management.

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Teiva offers Low-Code solutions for the following challenges:

Digital Transformation and Application Development Efficiency

  • As digital transformation accelerates, companies face the challenge of efficiently developing and deploying applications. The pressure to innovate quickly, and meet market demands stresses existing development capabilities, leading to project delays and budget overruns.
  • On average, only 16% of digital transformation projects are completed on time and within budget. Moreover, the failure to efficiently develop applications can result in a 33% decrease in customer satisfaction and a similar reduction in competitive advantage.

Demand Outpacing Developer Supply

  • The demand for software developers exceeds supply by a significant margin, with job postings for developers growing by 25% year over year, while the number of graduates in relevant fields grows by only 7%.
  • This imbalance leads to prolonged project timelines and increased costs, with some estimates suggesting that the developer shortage will lead to 20% of available custom software projects being delayed or canceled by 2027.

Talent Shortages

Enterprises are struggling to fill crucial IT roles, with over 70% of CIOs experiencing difficulty finding the right talent, particularly in cybersecurity, software development, and data analytics. This gap hinders innovation, delays product development, and increases reliance on external vendors.
According to industry reports, the global talent shortage could reach 85.2 million people by 2030, potentially costing economies $8.5 trillion in unrealized annual revenues.

Legacy Systems Maintenance

Corporates spend approximately 70-80% of their IT budgets on maintaining old systems. These legacy systems are not only costly to maintain, but also pose significant security risks and hinder the ability to integrate with new technologies.
The rigidity of legacy systems means 90% of firms face challenges in adopting new digital initiatives, directly impacting their competitive edge and innovation ability.

Accelerate app life cycle and build low-code solutions future-proven with ServiceNow App Engine Studio:

Drive business expansion using a low-code visual app environment that caters to developers of varying skill levels. Whether building from the ground up or utilizing templates, empower your development process.

Ignite the capabilities of creators:

Accelerate the production of creator workflow apps for mission-critical tasks. Design efficiently using best-practice guidance and templates, all encompassed in a holistic low-code development experience.

Expand the scope of low-code development:

Enable seamless collaboration between business and IT to oversee and regulate low-code app development. Establish development guardrails, implement standards, and ensure compliance, all within a unified platform.

Speed up the automation of processes:

Quickly automate processes and demonstrate value through native integration and low-code capabilities. Scale your workflows seamlessly, ranging from simple to complex, maintaining consistency across the entire enterprise.

Elevate user satisfaction:

Engage users during crucial moments with a contemporary, unified experience that is effortlessly comprehensible. Craft mobile-first experiences seamlessly using our user-friendly, low-code designer.

Enhance the impact of your applications:

Seamlessly embed AI and analytics in every app. Predict issues, make smarter business decisions, and help people get work done easier and faster.

of the ServiceNow
App Engine


Сreate workflows using drag & drop and capabilities such as Flow Designer, Process Automation Designers, Form Designer, Decision Builders etc.


Full-Stack and Pro-Code Developers can leverage App Engine and build more comprehensive solutions.


Reduce technical gap


Focus more on business outcomes


Delight your employees and customers with high-quality experiences and multi-channels across one single platform.

ServiceNow App Engine Features and Capabilities

ServiceNow App Engine is a low-code / no-code platform to build enterprise applications and workflow solutions leveraging central platform and database, multi-channel engagement, and AI-driven tools. Create customized applications and workflows for your enterprise service management and operations codeless, efficient, and user-friendly. Custom apps will run on a common platform using the same data layer and integrated into other applications and workflow.

Low-Code Studio

App Engine Studio is a collaborative place to operate with inline dashboard editing that can be used by administrators, developers, implementors, business analysts, and any employee. It combines all necessary capabilities to build code-less applications and integrations.

Guidance and Templates

Shareable best-practice designs will satisfy a variety of use cases. It includes all core components that are needed for your first MVP – tables, flows, workspaces, and much more.

Visual Workflows

With Flow Designer you can build workflows to automate your process and connect natively to third-party systems.

Process Automation Designer

Build and manage multiple complex workflows with no-code playbooks.

Configurable Workspaces

ServiceNow UI Builder creates enhanced app workspaces with baked-in AI search easily in a simple, low-code interface.

Virtual Agents

Resolve customer and employee issues faster and scale your organization with intelligent chatbots.

Native Mobile App Builder

Offers an omni-channel experience for your employees and customers. Build and deploy native apps with an intuitive designer.

Now Assist for Creator

Scale your ServiceNow team and Improve developer productivity with intelligent recommendations for code.

What Teiva Systems offers you

We co-create applications from scratch or templates for corporate users and teams in service management, operations, business, and technology domains. By Leveraging the App Engine we modernize legacy, enterprise, and ERP solutions, build integrations and automation, and create custom experiences for web and mobile.

  • Requirement gathering and solution design.
  • Fast development of MVPs and PoCs.
  • Preparation of architectural decisions around data structure, integrations, UX/UI, and license models.
  • App Engine Starter kits for use cases of different sizes and complexity
  • Enable your team to build your first AES applications.
  • Establish an App Engine governance structure and process incl. Pipeline and Deployment.
  • Support developing ServiceNow Apps and publishing in the ServiceNow Store.

App Engine Starter Kits

SwiftStart Solution

(An App in a Day)

Get a custom, corporate-branded app in just one day, perfect for immediate business solutions and quick efficiency boosts.

Major outcomes:

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Essential Functionality
  • Custom Branding
  • Simplified User Experience
  • Ready to use application

Weeklong Innovator

(An App in a Week)

Enhance your business in a week with a feature-rich, mid-sized app, offering the perfect balance of speed, customization, and integration.

Major outcomes:

  • Enhanced Functionality & Integration
  • Custom Branding
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Simple Integration
  • Balanced Approach
  • Ready to use application

Enterprise Evolution

(An Enterprise-Enabled App)

Transform your enterprise with a comprehensive, custom-built app, designed for complex integration and long-term scalability.

Major outcomes:

  • Comprehensive Development
  • Custom Branding
  • Advanced Integration
  • Iterative Refinement
  • Long-term Value
  • Scalable and Future-Proof
  • Ready to use application

Low-Code / No-Code Apps and Solutions

Legal Operations: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Draft Request

This small-sized application, designed for rapid deployment, streamlines the process of requesting and drafting NDAs. With a personalized workspace featuring a custom homepage, this app ensures a seamless user experience and a user-friendly interface. This application enhances efficiency, reduces turnaround times, and ensures compliance with legal requirements.

Marketing: Landing Page Request for New Product Campaign

This compact application empowers users to submit landing page requests efficiently, with customizable features to accommodate various campaign needs, including approval flows and workspace configurations.Featuring user-friendly interface this app ensures a seamless workflow tailored to specific campaign requirements

Professional Services: Engagement Planning and Calculation Tool

This comprehensive solution is designed for efficient planning and calculation of professional service engagements. It offers sophisticated functionalities to track and analyze project data across various domains meticulously. This tool provides a seamless customizable workflow to suit the intricate requirements of diverse engagements.

Financial Services: CapEx & OpEx Request and Approval Management

This tailor-made solution is engineered to meet the intricate demands of modern enterprises. It is meticulously crafted to address the complexities of financial workflows, offering a comprehensive suite of features and functionalities. It refines decision-making processes tailored to the unique requirements of CapEx and OpEx requests. Additionally, up to three custom flows provide flexibility for managing supplementary financial processes, ensuring holistic financial management within the organization.

Our Product Journey Approach

New Products & Revenue Streams

We work with established businesses and entrepreneurs to open new revenue streams and bring solutions to life on the ServiceNow platform.

From Vision to Development

Our team of highly experienced entrepreneurs, architects, and developers, partners with clients on their journey to success in the ServiceNow ecosystem.

GTM Support

Drawing from unique experience of building successful businesses on the ServiceNow platform, we help clients navigate the ecosystem to achieve their goals with less risk & more speed.

Envision ServiceNow applications and solutions

Define and prepare product or platform  strategy

Design, build and certify for ServiceNow Store

Integrate and launch into client’s environment

Operate and continuously improve applications

Alignment with ServiceNow Center of Excellence Process

Alignment with other ServiceNow Stakeholder Teams

ServiceNow Product Showroom

Integrating EMM into ServiceNow

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Prevent Leaks in Fertilizer Tanks: ServiceNow+EmissionBox Integration

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Kanbanize + ServiceNow Integration: How to Make Two Cloud Platforms Even More Effective

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