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Shifting to an Internal PCI-DSS Environment for a U.S. Fintech Company

The U.S.-based Fintech firm initially outsourced its PCI-DSS compliance. Growing operations highlighted the need for an in-house compliant setup due to cost implications and strategic reasons.

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About the customer:

Fintech firm outsourced PCI-DSS compliance, shifted to in-house AWS setup. Swiftly transitioned in 3 months, exceeded standards. Coordinated with client’s teams, developed robust policies. Achieved exceptional audit results, led 5 audits since 2018. Strengthened security, cut costs, solidified long-term compliance

Industry: Fintech

Location: United States

Employees: 100 – 250 employees

Project timeframe: Since 2018

Business Challenge

The task involved facilitating a smooth shift to an internally compliant PCI-DSS environment while maintaining operational continuity. The client aimed to sustain their reliance on AWS, which housed the majority of their infrastructure.


We suggested building their PCI-DSS environment on AWS for uniformity. Using our expertise, we completed the transition in three months, exceeding the strict PCI-DSS standards. Besides the technical setup, we extensively collaborated with the client's Cloud Security, IT, and Compliance departments. Our task involved creating strong security standards, policies, and procedures aligned with PCI-DSS specifications.


Our punctual and effective delivery guaranteed the client's exceptional results in the PCI-DSS audit. This project initiated a long-term relationship, leading to our successful management and passing of 5 yearly audits since 2018. Furthermore, we consistently took a prominent role during these audits, confidently and effectively representing our client to the auditing company.

Concluding Statement:

Via our customized DevOps solutions and extensive involvement, the client not only attained their aim of an in-house PCI-DSS compliant environment but also fortified their security and compliance standings, all while reaping substantial cost savings in the long run.

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