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Modernizing Infrastructure for a Self-Serve Storage Solution

Overhauling infrastructure for a self-service warehouse enhanced efficiency using Google Cloud, Kubernetes, and IoT management, enabling seamless operations and driving successful product launch and expansion.

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About the customer:

Based in Munich, Germany, an innovative company that has revolutionized the concept of self-service warehouses with a pioneering product, offering users the ability to rent compact spaces 24/7.

Industry: Self-service warehousing and storage solutions

Location: Munich, Germany

Employees: 50-100 employees

Project timeframe: Engaged in a successful partnership for over 1.5 years

Business Challenge

The company required cutting-edge infrastructure to oversee the intricate network of devices and technology fueling their warehouses, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted service for their customers.


Acknowledging their distinct requirements, our DevOps team presented an innovative strategy. We established a resilient infrastructure using the Google Cloud Platform, Terraform, Kubernetes, and Flux. Our migration process was detailed, ensuring seamless transfer of both their testing and live systems without downtime. Additionally, we devised an IoT management system with AWS Greengrass, enabling centralized oversight of numerous devices.


Immediate and impactful results ensued. Our enhancements enabled the client to efficiently manage their innovative warehouse solution with increased ease, speed, and reliability. The smooth transition to an advanced infrastructure facilitated the launch of their MVP and subsequent expansion.

Concluding Statement:

Our partnership has flourished for more than 1.5 years, providing dedicated support through a full-time equivalent (FTE) resource, highlighting the enduring influence of effectively implemented DevOps solutions.

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