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Case Study

Optimizing Unified Access Management for a German Financial Advisory Firm

Enhanced German financial firm’s security, efficiency with unified Okta SSO, reducing authentication complexities and boosting IT defenses.

Company card

About the customer:

Germany-based financial organization that works worldwide with B2B customers, faced complex authentication issues from diverse services, impacting security and operations.

Industry: Financial Consultancy

Location: Germany

Employees: 250 employees

Project timeframe: 9+ month

Business Challenge

The company sought a unified, reliable, and secure authentication method that would mitigate the problems of forgotten passwords, bolster IT security, and reduce dependency on a growing IT support team.


Our DevOps team recommended the transition to Okta, a leading SSO (Single Sign-On) provider. We took the reins of migrating nearly 80% of their systems' authentication and user/group management to Okta. Given the critical nature of certain services, such as email and messaging, we prioritized a zero-downtime migration. Although this meticulous approach lengthened the transition to 8 months, it ensured uninterrupted service and user access.


After implementation, the client experienced significant advantages from a centralized "as-a-code" user and group management system. Consolidating authentication into a singular service minimized the occurrence of lost passwords. Additionally, the incorporation of hardware tokens, a physical requirement for accessing crucial systems, notably fortified their IT security measures.

Concluding Statement:

The adoption of Okta not only streamlined authentication processes but also significantly elevated the client's IT security posture. This showcases the prowess of unified, strategic IT solutions in enhancing operational efficiency.

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