Walk-up Experience “A simple way to manage face-to-face IT support requests”


  • Implement an automated walk-up experience.

  • Develop a custom logic for “in the office” calls.

  • Develop a custom logic for booking a meeting for other employees.

  • Develop a custom logic for managing consumable items in the walk-up tickets.

  • Set up a simple dashboard for service desk agents.

  • Develop a custom logic of gathering employees’ feedback.


  • Cost savings due to reduced employee downtime.

  • Improved the first-time fix rate.

  • Considerably enhanced customer satisfaction driven by instant support.


One of the leading manufacturer of printing inks sought to transform the way of supporting end users requests that has to be completed on the spot.

Employees often need a field service help. When an Incident or Request has to be completed on the spot, service desk agents and affected employees must schedule a meeting outside the ServiceNow system.

It was inconvenient for both of the parties because it required a lot of time and tools. Therefore, a business was losing money by wasting service desk agents’ and employees’ time. Satisfaction with IT was dropping from rising expectations and the walk-ups had no formal process.

By implementing ServiceNow Walk-up Experience, client increased customer satisfaction and technician productivity.

To address the issues, Teiva systems helped to adopt Walk-up experience “Tech lounge” for the leading ink manufacture as its primary channel to support and resolve the more common, everyday routine IT service desk functions, such as a request for a new mouse or keyboard, unlocking an account, or help setting up software on a mobile device.


“Tech lounge” experience was designed with a simple and user-friendly interface on a Service Portal, so that employees can schedule a meeting for themselves or their coworkers with possibility to reschedule or cancel the meeting right in that interface.

After every meeting employees can leave a rating and some comments.

Implemented dashboard for Service Desk Agent helps to manage the entire walk-up experience process. It is becoming easier to manage the meetings and view statistics on them. From the walk-up ticket, Service Desk “Agent can manage consumable items, which is a part of client’s asset management process.

Reports for top management shows employees’ satisfaction level and available comments turned out to be an effective way of determining possible service improvements and service desk agents’ success stories.

The whole implementation turned out to be custom. The Walk-up experience plugin offered by ServiceNow could not cover all the client’s requirements.

Natalia Kyzyurava, ServiceNow Solution Consultant, May 20, 2021

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