Tips how to prepare requirements gathering template for Service Catalog

Have you ever had a problem to organize requirements for Service Catalog?

I would like to share few tips how to build comprehensive catalog requirements gathering template that might help you to streamline process of catalog requirements gathering.

You can utilize Excel for this purpose and use Excel Tabs to describe separate sections of the catalog item such as Catalog Item Description (where you can include general information about your catalog item such as catalog name, category, short description, description, meta data and more); Workflow Tab (where you can depict workflow process using Visio to show developers how the process runs); Workflow Steps Tab (precise description of workflow main steps); Variables Tab (tab that will store all information about your variables such as variable type, condition when variable is visible, mandatory status etc.); Task Details Tab (where you can provide task name, assignment group or separate conditions needed to assign task to a group that can be performed via scripting);

It all can look as follows:

1. Overall Overview:

2. Catalog Item Description tab example:

3. Workflow Example done in Visio:

4. Workflow Steps Tab Example:

5. Variables Tab Example:

6. Task Details Tab Example:

7. If you want to complete your template you can add a Testing Tab to it. It might look as follows:

Natalia Kyzyurava, ServiceNow Solution Consultant, May 05, 2021

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