Ensure the best resilience of your business to dynamic changes in the market.

Your technical department can become a full-fledged profitable business partner. Nowadays, when 65% of business processes have moved to a digital environment, your company’s applications and systems are either ballast, requiring regular investments for its operation, or a lifebuoy, which, even in conditions of market instability, will help to work quickly and flexibly.
Get the most out of your IT infrastructure for your business by optimizing services and systems from Teiva Systems. Our experts will bring your technical foundation in full compliance with the requirements of automation and productivity.

When do you need IT business optimization?

Teiva Systems experts will carry out a set of works to modernize technical resources, automate disaster recovery, and set up a system for preventing failures in the company.

IT optimization services for your company from Teiva Systems

  • Analysis of moral and technical obsolescence of the company’s software base;

  • Drawing up a business strengthening map with a portfolio of systems and applications SAP, ServiceNow, Odoo;

  • Replacement of applications, services, and systems with complex integrated solutions from leading IT vendors;

  • Development of a system for early detection of anomalies and failures in the company’s technical infrastructure;

  • Establishing a methodology for minimizing the impact of disruptions on users and business processes.

  • Building a flexible system of interaction between technical specialists to improve the quality of IT processes (DevOps).

  • With a comprehensive approach to optimizing technical business systems, you will get improved agility, productivity, and visibility in the short term.

Business opportunities resulting from the implementation of the ITOps complex

Increasing the functionality of technical business systems as a result of processing operations

Build opportunities for interaction with clients and partners

Accelerated productivity of services and applications on the user side

Automation of routine processes and everyday work in the company

Increased resiliency as a result of a decrease in failures and emergency outages

Increasing the elasticity and flexibility of the IT nfrastructure with network scaling and an increase in the number of tasks

As a result of the ITOps complex, you get a reliable technical foundation, which, at the time of changes in the rules and requirements of the market, is always ready for digital transformation to bring your business to a new level of demand.
Teiva Systems specialists will take all the work on updating and optimizing the IT infrastructure. You just need to indicate the vectors in which your business should develop. All the details and nuances for a quick start of cooperation can be discussed right now with a personal project manager.

Platform modules that we can implement for you