ITSM (IT Service Management)

Focus not on infrastructure and technology constraints but on meeting the needs of technology users. Thanks to this approach, your company will significantly reduce operating costs and increase the level of services of an IT provider: both to your employees and customers.
Now technology within your organization can deliver measurable benefits! Formalize IT requirements, monitor progress, and measure supplier performance.

Teiva Systems works with the best vendor of solutions in the field of ITSM according to Gartner: ServiceNow. Thanks to diversification, the ability to choose a package of services, and the flexibility of integrating systems, we can increase the efficiency of your business in several vital areas:

  • Asset management;

  • Cloud analytics;

  • Customer relationship management;

  • Financial management;

  • Mobile applications;

  • Security and access systems.

Teiva Systems’ experience in ITSM shows that technical incidents, customer support requests, the functioning of the IT infrastructure due to work in accordance with ITIL, COBIT, ISO 20000 standards increase the success of the digital transformation of companies by at least 37%

How are ITSM processes implemented?

1. Formation of ITSM strategy. We choose the optimal structure of interaction with clients by identifying user needs, forming a list of package services, and agreeing on a budget. As part of this stage, we determine your company’s goals, possible requests, and the specifics of providing services for the management of the technical base quality.

2. Service design development. We plan and design all services that you will provide to your users, partners, and customers through the IT infrastructure to meet business needs. At this step, we detail and formalize the company’s services, assess the risks and service quality standards for users of IT-services business.

3. Service implementation. We create, test, and pilot the launch of services to assess the continuity and effectiveness for the end-users of solutions. At the current stage, we carry out deployment, testing, asset management, and monitoring the implementation of basic KPIs for the customer.

4. Project implementation. We carry out a comprehensive modernization of control and elimination of incidents in the company in a real environment. At this step, you are operating the IT management service on a specific infrastructure, processes, tasks, and resources.

5. Control and optimization. We systematically improve key performance indicators by automating, optimizing the interaction process, identifying failures, and responding to the technical management service. As part of this step, you receive a number of initiatives, proposals, assessments, and forecasts to optimize the current IT processes in the company.

What business prospects does the ITSM approach open up in an organization?

  • Reducing the cost of maintaining the IT infrastructure;

  • Creating flexible, scalable, and manageable IT processes;

  • Optimizing IT operations;

  • User service stability;

  • Controllability of the life cycle of IT products;

  • Increase in the effectiveness of IT personnel;

  • Reducing the risks in introducing progressive solutions.

These are just the main advantages that a business receives due to the implementation of the ITSM approach in various directions of the company. We can voice more real, convincing, and clear indicators to you after getting acquainted with the problems, tasks, and subtleties of the business processes of your company.
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