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In a world dominated by technology, implementing digital innovations in business is not just a whim but a necessity. It is especially about the banking and financial sector, where changes are constantly taking place: new products and services are emerging, the popularity of remote customer service is growing, cashless online payments through mobile banking are replacing cash transactions, etc. Accelerated digital transformation challenges financial and credit institutions: to introduce advanced technologies faster than competitors to have time to take place in the financial and banking services market.

According to a Gartner survey, 86% of CEOs admit digitalization as a business priority. And this is very prudent: according to industry experts, 46% of consumers use banking services exclusively through digital channels, and a trend promises to become even more popular in the future.

Teiva Systems helps banks and financial institutions keep up with technological trends and achieve decent results through business automation.

What IT services does Teiva Systems provide for Banking & Finance?

Development of banking systems:
Digital and mobile banking:
Big Data and analytics:
IT infrastructure:
Modernization of technologies:
Innovative solutions:
  • Omnichannel systems. Integration of channels for interaction between bank employees and customers on a single platform.
  • Financial services. Implementation of tools for standardization, tracking payments, internal transactions, and data exchange.
  • Retail banking platforms. Digitalization of lending processes, the customer credit assessment, and securities trading.
  • Insurance systems. Automation of the entire cycle of insurance activities: from the client’s initial request to signing documents.
  • Corporate solutions. Implementation of corporate and legal services for risk management and business strategy development.
  • PSD2. Development of API data exchange technology to comply with the requirements of the payment services directive.
  • Mobile applications for online banking. Combining banking operations on one platform for easy communication with customers.
  • Mobile security systems. Creating multiple security levels (2FA, digital signature, biometric verification, cloud sync, etc.).
  • NFC payment systems. The introduction of contactless payment technology for fast and secure transactions.
  • Mobile information systems. Integration of financial systems with information services for constant data access.
  • Decision-making. Forecasting the results of making certain managerial decisions.
  • Consumer Behavior Analysis. The study of the audience to build relationships.
  • Risk Calculation. Assessment of financial risks, as well as detection and prevention of online fraud.
  • Tracking Trends. Searching for relevant information about financial market trends.
  • Marketing. Attracting target audience, personalizing the user experience.
  • Support and maintenance of all elements of the company’s IT infrastructure, in particular, OS, equipment, and networks.
  • Cloud operations. Placement of virtual desktops (DaaS, WaaS).
  • BaaS and BaaP. Organization of a digital banking system, integration with third-party services.
  • ERP, CRM, ECM. Implementation of corporate software to optimize internal processes and operations.
  • Data migration. Transfer of the entire IT infrastructure to a cloud service with subsequent support and maintenance.
  • Redesign. Optimization of processes requiring changes or modernization, refactoring of code.
  • RPA. Business process automation based on software robots and artificial intelligence.
  • AI and ML. Implementation of speech recognition tools, spam filtering, instant translation, content personalization, NLP, etc.
  • Blockchain. Integration of banks with cyber-physical systems, information protection.

What financial solutions can Teiva Systems specialists implement?

To automate the financial and banking business processes, Teiva Systems uses innovative software solutions from ServiceNow recognized leaders in the IT market in business software development.

By implementing software from leading developers, you will achieve 3 essential goals:


Minimize financial risks using predictive AI and ML tools.


Strengthen data security by combining all processes on a single platform.


Attract new customers by offering a set of personalized products and services.

What you will have as a result of the financial business digitalization?


reduction in the time for bringing new products to market


acceleration in the preparation of financial statements


reduction in manual operations


reduction in costs due to non-repayment of debts


acceleration in the financial closing process

Teiva Systems specialists will help you develop a digitalization strategy for your financial business from scratch: they will select a digital product in accordance with specific business objectives, ensure end-to-end interaction with customers by implementing a remote service system, and establish paperless internal processes.

As a result of creating an automated financial ecosystem, you will reduce the cost of managing business processes several times and increase customer loyalty, which will affect profits positively.

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