IT Asset Management as a Part of ITSM 

Imagine the typical corporate office. What will you see? Desks filled with laptops and desktops, copying machines, WI-FI routers, and so on. Each device has a special set of programs and firmware. All this hardware needs to be listed, maintained, updated, repaired, and replaced continuously for a proper process flow, reliable reporting, precise billing.

The set of these processes designed to manage the inventory and its lifecycle in an organization is called IT Asset Management, or ITAM. This core function is a part of IT Service Management in an organization and is offered as a standard application on the ServiceNow platform. 

IT Asset Management works in organization

How ServiceNow ITAM can help organizations get better

We know that properly used ITSM helps an organization to improve their productivity, lower operational costs for IT infrastructure, and reduce the related risks. How does it work?

For example, a single database for all software licenses lets managers track the expiration term for each license and plan a budget. When the number of a workstation in an organization is small, the licenses can be managed manually. In large organizations, the license management should be automated to avoid sudden termination and following working issues, for example, downtime. Software Assets Management is a part of ITSM system, it can be delivered  as the ServiceNow module. 

Software Asset Management consists of several processes

The same principle works for hardware. All information about laptops and desktops, warranty, maintenance history, and other information in one place allows planning support and replacement. Correspondingly, the budget for asset management can be more accurate. HAM (Hardware Asset Management) is another specialized module by ServiceNow that can be used in corporations.  

Properly managed hardware is benefitual for organization

Let us provide a list of ITAM benefits:

An improved asset management technology for each asset from purchase to retirement. 

Full-scale use of the existing assets and better planning.

Better tracking results in fewer maintenance costs and a healthy assets lifestyle.

All software and hardware meet the internal standards and the staff is trained to manage the standardized assets.

Transparent tracking and accounting for all hardware components and software licenses.

Informed decisions help to make the necessary steps and mitigate the related risks.

Improved ITAM data and procedures allows better budget planning, as well as the detection of new trends.

ITAM improves some vital corporate performance indicators

5 Best Practices for IT Asset Management

Any tool can be effective only if it works correctly. Find the brief list of the Asset Management best practices. Using these practices, you’ll turn ITAM into a powerful weapon.  

Don’t log everything

When you face an ITAM software like ServiceNow for the first time, it is very impressive. It allows logging and keeping everything. Be resistive: 99% organization does not require careful logging. Otherwise, you’ll have to update information you never use.  

Set a laser focus

When working with hardware units, decide for yourself what aspects you need to document for your processes. You do not need to log everything, so make a laser focus on the most important aspects. Use the rule of thumb and stick to the minimum.

Update your assets timely

Registering assets is only a small part of Asset Management. For every asset that you register, you need a process for making, changing and removing it. If you can’t commit to this for a part of your ITAM, don’t do it.

Set up roles and rights

Define who has access to your assets and what they can do. Create a group that can make changes in the database and disallow this option for others. Make sure all changes are logged, you never need surprises there. This is a part of risk mitigation with ITAM.

Track all changes

Make sure all important actions and key changes are saved in ITAM software. When your managers will evaluate the performance of IT staff, the backlog of the tasks and following changes can help to make the grounded decision.

ITAM with ServiceNow

ServiceNow, the single architecture platform for ITIL, offers the in-built Software Management Module, to simplify your asset management, manage software licenses and hardware assets with intuitive workflows and life cycle visibility. 

Do you want to manage your ITAM processes with ServiceNow but need more information?

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Yuliya Nesen, Marketing Manager, Apr 08, 2022

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