In the U.S., the average cost of a data breach is a staggering $9.44M, and globally, cybercrime is predicted to cost $8 trillion by 2023. The traditional security approach of verifying once at the perimeter is insufficient in today’s complex digital landscape.

Zero Trust security, a principle that no actor, system, network, or service, inside or outside the security perimeter, is trusted, is now crucial. Every access attempt must be continually verified.

Challenges in Zero Trust Implementation

ServiceNow’s Solution: Zero Trust Access (ZTA)

ServiceNow drives security with its Zero Trust Access product, a part of its Vancouver release. It emphasises secure, strategic platform business workflows. ZTA aims to enhance security posture and user security with features like:

A key outcome is Dynamic Privilege Reduction, allowing organisations to adjust user privileges based on various factors dynamically.

How It Works

Dynamic privilege reduction in ZTA uses adaptive authentication policies, considering device status, risk score, IP address, and location. After verifying identity, ZTA policies assess risk and adjust session privileges.


Implementing Zero Trust Access in ServiceNow

To explore more about ServiceNow’s support in your Zero Trust journey and for detailed configuration steps, refer to the product documentation or the video below.

If you nee any architectural advise or want me to enable you and your team to prepare, install, configure and run the ServiceNow Zero Trust Access application, get in touch with me or any Teiva Systems representative.

Teiva Systems is a ServiceNow Premier Partner and provides advisory, architecture, implementation, training and support services. Teiva Systems specialises in building custom applications and integrations with ServiceNow App Engine leveraging platform capabilities like common data model, security, integration layer.

Kostya Bazanov is ServiceNow Leading Architect and Technology Advisor since 2011. He acted in various roles such as technical consultant, implementer, solution architect, team lead in national and global projects and ServiceNow platform rollouts. Kostya is certified in ServiceNow ITSM, Discovery, Event Management, Application Development and other critical modules and capabilities.

Kostya Bazanov, Managing Director, Jan 14, 2024

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