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Implementation and development

Build a powerful technical foundation for business transformation with digital platforms.
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Digital platforms are the basis for data unification, analytics, AI, Machine Learning, mobile resources, marketing channels, social media, the cloud, and manufacturing processes. The synergy of all technical areas of business on a single foundation provides complex of opportunities for flexible management, development, and modernization of all systems.

According to Accenture, 48% of companies in all business areas use digital platforms in all company’s business processes. Another 40% use them in major areas of work, about 11% are ready to implement them, and only less than 2% are still not using their business prospects. Among the most advanced business areas are electronics and high technologies (68% of companies have already implemented), banks (53%), industrial equipment (52%), insurance (45%), retail (43%), consumer goods and services (42 %). Companies working in these areas are now taking the first positions in the Fortune-500. Your business may also be on the leaderboard. One of the prerequisites for such growth is the deployment of digital platforms.

What platforms can Teiva Systems’ specialists implement?

Experts in modernizing the digital infrastructure of Teiva Systems will launch and integrate systems and build specialized or combined platforms for the business tasks and individual needs.

Areas of digital transformation that the deployment of IT platforms can provide

Operational development

implementing a process approach when all business functions and operations are partially or completely performed with a unified IT infrastructure, which accelerates and increases the company’s productivity.

Strategic development

implementing a project-based approach, when the IT infrastructure is built based on the priority of work and business objectives to achieve tactical and strategic goals, allowing the company to receive specific market advantages.

Teiva Systems’ specialists deploy both platforms from scratch and improve the current company’s technical landscape with missing solutions using a system approach. We can implement industry applications of proven IT vendors, such as ServiceNow, or create services specifically for non-standard requests. Find out about all the possibilities of digital platforms for your organization in consultation with our expert right now.

Platform modules that we can implement for you

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