Software & Hi-Tech

Software & Hi-Tech is a TOP-3 industry in terms of the volume of funds raised. The digital sector is an engine of progress. But as opportunities expand, so do the dependencies of high-tech companies. According to the statements of IDC FutureScape, 70% of discrete equipment companies will produce devices with smart connectivity in the near future, which will require the development of the supply chain of digital products. Experts say that by 2025, advanced research and technology companies will need end-to-end support for IT platforms and subscription-based services to deliver effective service and develop reliable digital products. This technical foundation will protect and monetize the intellectual values of companies. But now, less than 30% of billion-dollar high-tech companies have a ready-made strategy for developing the technical foundation of their business.

A new industrial revolution with total digitalization is coming, and your company definitely needs a solid technical base to survive in the market.

Teiva Systems specialists offer the best industry solutions from leading IT vendors for Software & Hi-Tech. With us, you will receive flexible and scalable solutions that adapt to your company’s dynamic processes.

What Teiva Systems offers
for Software & Hi-Tech businesses?

Software research and development.
Integrated software development.
Software quality assurance and control.
IT infrastructure management services.
Cloud transformation services.
Integration of corporate applications.
Information security services.
Technology consulting.
Project management.
Maintenance and support.

A range of services in BizDev, market research for launching Hi-Tech startups and innovative products, building software products according to the customer’s technical documentation in a flexible and reliable IT environment that considers the high-speed development of the project.

Implementation of specific products for risk management, reporting, analytics, omnichannel sales, marketing, information security into the existing business infrastructure to optimize and automate the process.

Research of the product specifics, choosing or developing service from scratch, its deployment with integration into the life cycle to maintain product quality at all stages of the project team’s work.

A set of ITSM or ITOM works according to the directives of ITIL, COBIT, or ISO 20000 management methodologies to ensure the productive, smooth, and stable daily operation of your business.

Full or partial transfer of information, databases, algorithms, and functions to the cloud infrastructure to ensure the availability of smart enterprise tools for business.

Implementation of individual applications and services or construction of an integrated corporate platform with automation of business processes following the strategy of local or international network companies.

Management of roles, access, network security, updates, and storage will minimize the risks of disruption, loss, or leakage of corporate information and the results of research or development activities of the company.

A range of services for selecting solutions for the digital transformation of business processes and operations to improve routine work, investment payback, and company development.

Assistance in managing business processes through the IT infrastructure at all stages of the implementation of Software & Hi-Tech projects by implementing applications, services, and technologies necessary in the team’s routine work.

Monitoring, preventing failures, managing incidents and events regarding the IT side of the business to ensure the safe and stable operation of all branches of the company around the world.

IT solutions from Teiva Systems for
Software & Hi-Tech business

Working with Teiva Systems experts, you acquire a personal multifunctional team of specialists to provide the necessary knowledge, experience, and support to scale your technical developments and innovative projects more quickly and flexibly. With the help of Teiva Systems, your business can receive a broad process transformation that will increase customer satisfaction by an average of 30%, reduce service costs by 20%, and increase your company’s income by at least 10%.

What are the benefits of the Software & Hi-Tech business in cooperation with Teiva Systems?

  • 1

    Increased flexibility in the product life cycle

  • 2

    Increased flexibility in the product life cycle

  • 3

    Simplified product launch process

  • 4

    Increased value of a technical product
    in the market

  • 5

    Possibility of introducing blockchain advantages into production chains

  • 6

    Availability of the project team in the
    geographic context

  • 7

    Manageability of data and information

  • 8

    Continuous technical support

Cooperating with experts Teiva Systems, you get complete confidentiality and protection of intellectual property. After discussing the details of your project and the company’s needs with our manager right now, you will find working solutions for the development of your business and a reliable technical partner!

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