Is Automation Inducing Laziness? Unexpected Consequences of AI support in the Workplace! 🤔

Are Robots Making Us Lazy? A Study Reveals the Unexpected Side-Effect of Working with AI!

We integrate AI machines into our workplaces more and more. ServiceNow brings out Now Assist for ITSM, HR, CSM and Development activities. Big and small platforms do the same.

We move towards a future where collaboration between humans and any kind of robots seamlessly boosts efficiency and output.

However, a recent study from the Technische Universität Berlin points out potential side effects of this future. The phenomenon of social laziness. The study explored if people slack off when teamed with robots. In a test spotting circuit board defects, solo workers outperformed those with robot helpers, revealing a mental check-out when humans co-work with robots.

This over-reliance on robots suggests that the dream team of human-robot collaboration may not always live up to the hype, reminding us to stay vigilant and engaged to ensure robots boost, not undercut, our work efficiency.

So what could be the solution?

Stay sharp alongside robots, mindful, stay ahead. So, if you use GenAI services, like ServiceNow Now Assist for summarisation, for resolution notes etc. – always verify results, retrain models. Don’t just shoot and forget.

Teiva Systems is a ServiceNow Premier Partner and provides advisory, architecture, implementation, training and support services. Teiva Systems specialises in building custom applications and integrations with ServiceNow App Engine leveraging platform capabilities like common data model, security, integration layer.

Kostya Bazanov is ServiceNow Leading Architect and Technology Advisor since 2011. He acted in various roles such as technical consultant, implementer, solution architect, team lead in national and global projects and ServiceNow platform rollouts. Kostya is certified in ServiceNow ITSM, Discovery, Event Management, Application Development and other critical modules and capabilities.

Kostya Bazanov, Managing Director, Dec 06, 2023

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