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Protect intelligence and enterprise information of your business by digital security services built in SAP and Odoo platforms with Teiva Systems.
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Teiva Systems offers these solutions for digital security:

  • information security audit.

  • implementation of data loss prevention systems (DLP systems).

  • deployment of authentication tools.

  • integration of anti-virus protection.

  • ensuring personal data protection.

  • implementation of firewalls.

  • cloud storage of backup data.

Teiva Systems’ security services allow you to strengthen the company’s corporate defense strategy and prevent future threats to the business, both within the local boundaries of the company and in the cloud.

The comprehensive digital security system consists of several important steps:

  • 1

    Audit of the roles and access of partners, employees, and IT infrastructure users.

  • 2

    Development of optimal access modes.

  • 3

    Analysis of the current security system.

  • 4

    Monitoring of risks and security holes.

  • 5

    Development of a modified corporate security model using SAP and Odoo solutions.

  • 6

    Creation of secure access to the interfaces of corporate services and systems considering privacy priorities.

  • 7

    Transformation of algorithms for internal security control.

  • 8

    Monitoring and improving the IT security architecture considering the emergence of new threats.

Want to be sure that no digital device or person gets access to corporate secrets? Do you need reliable storage and backup recovery of information in case of failures? The optimal symbiosis of human resources and high-performance technologies from leading vendors of IT solutions under Teiva Systems’ control will provide comprehensive protection for your business.

The benefits of information security solutions that are really essential to your business:

  • Creating a transparent system of access in the company.

  • You will always know who uses information, including privileged users, and through what information channels.

  • Building a multi-level defense against external attacks.

  • You will ensure stable access to information and constant work of servers and standard peripherals for the company’s productive operation.

  • Controlling corporate data migration.

  • You will protect the company from industrial and technical espionage, save your innovative projects from theft and copying.

  • Development of a system for backup and storage of information.

  • You will be sure that the result of many weeks or even many years of work will always be available.

Every day of the existence of data security breaches gives opportunities for attackers. Don’t waste this precious time! Get the right balance of hardware and software solutions and the best security expertise from Teiva Systems. After one expert consultation, we will offer an effective solution for the technical transformation of the security system of your company and business.

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