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Provide your employees with advanced knowledge for planning, forecasting work, and finding opportunities for better customer maintenance with analytical tools from leading IT vendors. Over 300 standard reports and custom analytics modules from scratch for your business needs. Teiva Systems specialists will provide your business with flexible decision assistance solutions in several significant areas at once. It will ensure a comprehensive approach to assessing the risks and prospects of the company.

When does your business need to implement analytics tools?

Business analytics in an organization is a single resource center that allows you to optimize the company’s tactics and strategy. Thanks to this approach, the company can increase its market share, the number of customers, and, finally, profits. Teiva Systems experts will solve the whole range of tasks related to implementing complex analytics in the company.

Teiva Systems services for local and cloud analytics

  • Creation of flexible cross-platform databases for analytics algorithms.

  • Development of customized applications and business analytics modules within the existing infrastructure of the company.

  • Deployment of universal platforms with flexible analytical tools.

  • Creation of scripts for creating customized reports in the company.

  • Implementation of analytical applications based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

As a result of implementing a whole range of works, the business receives many benefits and advantages in the market.

Opportunities that analytical tools open up for business

So, thanks to modules and analytical applications, your business benefits from several areas at once: data creation, data processing, data storage, data visualization. Besides, thanks to the advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, business opportunities will also grow because the systems are self-learning. They adapt to the company’s industry specifics.

Want to get a powerful tool to manage your daily chores? Describe our specialist the tasks you set for the future intelligent assistant, and we will select a solution based on the services, platforms, and utilities of the world’s leading IT vendors (SAP, ServiceNow, or Odoo) for your company.

Platform modules that we can implement for you

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