• Now Platform

    Create cross-company digital workflows that connect people, functions, and many systems to improve enterprise productivity and increase agility.

  • IT Service Management

    ITSM is a set of efficient workflows and tools for the management and development of IT services. ITSM is used to handle incidents, requests, changes and problems

  • IT Operation Management

    The ServiceNow ITOM suite helps enable multiple components, including the automation of infrastructure discovery, compliance maintenance, services mapping, and events rationalization.

  • Analytics, intelligance and reporting

    Performance Analytics drives business transformation by enabling businesses to set, track, and analyze progress against goals. Track critical process metrics, trends and measure the health and behavior of the process.

  • HR Delivery Service

    Increase employee productivity with customized intelligent processes. Simplify access to services and optimize service delivery at all levels.

  • Customer Service Management

    A set of tools and workflows to track and control all interactions with a company’s customers. Provides easy and seamless customer service by automating for main tasks.

  • Governance risk and compliance

    Refers to the general system of company management. It allows you to easily manage company risks and comply with regulations.

  • IT Business Management

    ITBM is a set of tools and workflows for optimally developing, delivering, and managing business services through an IT-focused lens.  It includes:
    Project Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Operations and Finance Management etc.

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