• Now Platform

    Create cross-company digital workflows that connect people, functions, and many systems to improve enterprise productivity and increase agility.

  • IT Service Management

    ITSM is a set of efficient workflows and tools for the management and development of IT services. ITSM is used to handle incidents, requests, changes and problems

  • IT Operation Management

    The ServiceNow ITOM suite helps enable multiple components, including the automation of infrastructure discovery, compliance maintenance, services mapping, and events rationalization.

  • Analytics, intelligance and reporting

    Performance Analytics drives business transformation by enabling businesses to set, track, and analyze progress against goals. Track critical process metrics, trends and measure the health and behavior of the process.

  • HR Delivery Service

    Increase employee productivity with customized intelligent processes. Simplify access to services and optimize service delivery at all levels.

  • Customer Service Management

    A set of tools and workflows to track and control all interactions with a company’s customers. Provides easy and seamless customer service by automating for main tasks.

  • Governance risk and compliance

    Refers to the general system of company management. It allows you to easily manage company risks and comply with regulations.

  • IT Business Management

    ITBM is a set of tools and workflows for optimally developing, delivering, and managing business services through an IT-focused lens.  It includes:
    Project Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Operations and Finance Management etc.

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  • SAP Financial Accounting (FI)

    SAP FI stands for Financial Accounting and it is one of important modules of SAP ERP. It is used to store the financial data of an organization.

  • SAP Controlling

    SAP CO includes managing and configuring master data that covers cost and profit centers, internal orders, and other cost elements and functional areas.

  • SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)

    SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) is an important module of SAP ERP consisting of business processes required in selling, shipping, billing of a product.

  • SAP Production Planning (PP)

    Thai module tracks and makes a record of the manufacturing process flows, for example, the planned and actual costs. Also, goods movements from the conversion of raw material to semi-finished goods.

  • SAP Materials Management

    Materials Management is a core supply chain function and includes the capabilities of supply chain planning and execution.

  • SAP Quality Management (QM)

    It is a component of SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) that helps businesses implement and run quality control processes.

  • SAP Human Capital Management (HCM)

    SAP HR software allows you to automate record-keeping processes. It is an ideal framework for the HR department to take advantage of the administration and payroll documents.

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  • Website apps

    A set of applications to support your business on the Internet – site builder, e-commerce, blogging, events, appointsments, etc.

  • Sales apps

    Sell more efficiently with CRM, pre-sales/sales/post-sales applications and advanced analytics.

  • Finance apps

    Universal software with hundreds of business applications to optimize accounting, invoicing, expences.

  • Operations apps

    Сollection of Odoo modules that are modern, efficient, ergonomic, mobile and progressively deployable. They will improve all of your operational processes.

  • Manufacturing apps

    Planning, BOM management, shop floor control, maintenance, supply chain, warehouse management, quality management, PLM, and more are all included, and fully integrated.

  • Human Resources apps

    Provide dashboards for each manager to manage employee profiles, manage contracts, vacations, attendance etc.

  • Communication apps

    Drive discussions between all levels of your company. Get an overview of the topics being discussed and all the new messages in the module’s news feed.

  • Marketing apps

    Create end-to-end customer journeys and use workflows to automate tasks such as moving a lead forward in your sales funnel, assigning engaged prospects to your sales team, updating a record and more.

  • Customization app

    Design full featured apps in minutes, not weeks. Develop your own app once and get desktop and mobile apps automatically.

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  • Mobile WEB-apps

    Mobile web applications are web sites optimized for use on mobile devices, written in HTML / CSS and launched by a browser. However, they can be designed to resemble smartphone apps.
    More advanced mobile web applications include Flash, JavaFX and Silverlight technologies. Such an application is a fast, reliable and flawless interaction with the client’s mobile device.

  • Native apps

    A native application is a mobile application, the software part of which is built depending on the operating system of the mobile device – IOS or Android.
    Native iOS apps are written in Swift or Objective-C and native Android apps are written in Java. The peculiarity of such applications is that they are installed directly on the device.

  • Hybrid apps

    Hybrid mobile apps are applications that are installed on a device, just like any other app. What differentiates them is the fact they possess elements from native apps, applications developed for a specific platform such as iOS or Android, with elements from web apps, websites that act like apps but are not installed on a device but are accessed on the Internet via a browser.

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