Financial technology is one of the most fast-growing industries. Research and Markets experts predict: this market will grow at an average annual rate of almost 24% from 2021 to 2025. The reasons are accelerated urbanization and increased demand for digital services from millennials, who account for 27% of the world’s population.

According to analysts at UBS, a Swiss financial holding company, electronic payments and blockchain technologies will be at their peak in the next few years. For tech companies, “traditional” financial firms, and government agencies interested in implementing modern technologies, it means the following: it’s time for the active introduction of innovations.

Teiva Systems company can take your business to the next level by upgrading key processes and innovative technologies from such IT market giants as ServiceNow, SAP, and Odoo.

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What areas of FinTech does Teiva Systems work with?

Banking, Financial Services:
Digital and Mobile Banking:
Asset Management:
Corporate finance:
  • Hybrid Cloud. Combining the onsite and offsite of the corporate cloud into a single space to increase business agility without compromising data security.
  • API Platforms. Creating an ecosystem based on open platforms and APIs to expand customer communications.
  • RPA. Intelligent process automation using robotic software to improve productivity.
  • AI and ML. Implementation of digital assistants with speech recognition, spam filtering, identity identification, NLP, and fraud detection to improve service and enhance security.
  • Instant payments. Development of instant digital payment systems for transactions in real-time 24/7.
  • Blockchain. Implementation of blockchain ledger technology to create a transparent transaction system.
  • AR and VR reality. The development of applications with augmented and virtual reality functions to attract customers and train employees.
  • P2P Payment Systems. Creation of Peer-to-Peer apps for fast bank transfers.
  • Robo-advisers. Introduction of robotic advisors into apps for financial consultations without involving managers.
  • Advanced Analytics. Integration of applications with analytics to make customers track their spending more effectively.
  • IoT. Configuration of access to real-time customer asset data to create a personalized experience.
  • Virtual assistants. Integrating AI tools into securities trading operations and trading strategies.
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain. Development and launch of products related to cryptocurrency, as well as the creation of a distributed ledger for making secure transactions.
  • Crowdfunding. Introduction of platforms to attract funds from all over the world for the development of startups.
  • Mobile payments. Development of applications for corporate transactions with a minimum commission and without visiting a bank.
  • Promobots. Creating online services for investment management, asset allocation, and investment portfolios for clients.
  • Smart search. Combining various data sources to explore thematic materials: from market news to brokerage research.
  • Big Data and Analytics. Configuration of predictive algorithms based on past data on consumer behavior to develop marketing strategies and detect fraud.
  • Machine insurance. Using AI and ML algorithms to assess insurance risks and process requests for underwriting and claims settlement.
  • Peer-to-peer registry entries. Transforming transactions and data exchange into a transparent system to detect fraud and increase customer confidence.
  • Chatbots. Inclusion of virtual bots in mobile applications for communicating with insurance clients.
  • Integrated platforms and APIs. Implementation of seamless technology solutions for treasury management and paperless workflow.
  • Custom Applications. Creation of applications for remote collection of payments and management of accounts receivable.
  • VAM. Development of virtual accounts for end-to-end capital management.
  • Cloud Services. Developing enterprise systems based on SaaS APIs to verify compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Investment Assistants. Implementing tools to create investment strategies considering tax rules and implications.
  • Risk management. Development of a unified interface for monitoring the risks associated with international trade.

What FinTech solutions does Teiva Systems implement?

Teiva Systems works with proven leaders of the FinTech industry, ServiceNow, SAP, and Odoo, developing effective business solutions.

According to customer reviews of ServiceNow, SAP, and Odoo, FinTech solutions into the business help reduce the costs for manual operations, improve customer service, and increase transaction security.

What you achieve as a result of business digitalization?


reduction in the payback period of the product


acceleration in making monthly reports


reduction in the number of manual operations


improvement in planning processes


reduction in cash management costs

The introduction of innovative technologies by Teiva Systems specialists will raise the popularity of your services in the market, expand the opportunities for bringing your business to the international level, and, as a result, increase capital and strengthen your competitive position.

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